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AUCTION INSIGHT Certified Appraisal School and Market Report describe the

current state of Tractor & Farm Machinery cash market. The high volatility of the

used Farm Machinery has made the business of lending, appraising, and trading

machinery a daring decision. Tom Flowers and AUCTION INSIGHT Appraisal School

can teach you the time proven secrets of grading Tractor & Farm Equipment for value.


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  • Muleshoe, Texas

Feb 25-26, 2015

Some Openings Available


Call 806-272-4154

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The AUCTION INSIGHT Report is a quarterly journal of sales activity for

Tractor & Farm Equipment cash market.

Tom Flowers' 32 years of experience in the Farm Machinery

industry provide him the necessary tools needed for this tremendous effort.

Farmers, Ranchers, and Bankers alike have seen this product as offering themselves

extremely important data while also delivering a service by offering the data complied

in sections with a helpful index. The AUCTION INSIGHT Report has been the answer

to many questions just like yours regarding today's value of farm equipment.

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